Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Scientex is pleased to announce its new affiliation with Supercritical Fluid Technologies (SFT) a leading supplier of solutions for demanding separation and material processing applications. Supercritical Fluid Technologies produces systems that offer simple, fast and cost-effective techniques for supercritical fluid extraction and reaction applications.

Supercritical Fluid, high pressure chemistry, solid phase extraction


Supercritical Fluid Technologies works with universities, government research centres and other specialised organisations using supercritical fluid separations, reaction chemistry and high pressure applications.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies produces supercritical fluid extraction equipment including:

  • SFT-110 Series- entry level system for routine analytical work and basic process development.
  • SFT-150/250 SFE- systems-for repetitive laboratory extractions and process development/optimisation.
  • SFT-NPX-10-processingsystems fortransition from laboratory scale to production.
  • HPR Reactors for High Pressure Reaction Chemistry-a range of high pressure chemical reactors from 50ml to 8 litres.
  • SFT Phase Monitor II-a powerful analytical tool for determining solubility parameters of compounds/mixtures in subcritical and supercritical fluids.
  • Custom Solutions-for supercritical CO2 reaction and extraction and subcritical/supercritical H2O systems.


Supercritical Fluid Technologies systems feature:

  • Wide range of sample volumes right up to pilot scale
  • Innovative equipment design and manufacture
  • High operating pressures and temperatures with PID controllers
  • Integrated fluid pre-heater and flow meter
  • Various extract collection options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Patented, proprietary technology
  • Flexible design-customisation available
  • Reliability,cost effectiveness and trouble free operation


Supercritical fluid extraction is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Biotechnology and chemistry reactions
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production
  • Impregnation/dyeing
  • Nano and micro particle deposition of metals
  • Speciality Polymers
  • Food & agriculture e.g. decaffeination, hop extraction, flavourings, essential oils, nutraceuticals etc)
  • Supercritical water oxidation-e.g. hazardous waste oxidation
  • Supercritical drying-e.g.aerogels, biological samples used in Electron Microscopy (EM)
  • Supercritical water hydrolysis-e.g. biomass to cellulosic sugar conversion
  • Supercritical water gasification-e.g. conversion of aqueous biomass into clean water and H2, CH4, CO2, CO etc
  • Biodiesel production- e.g. by conversion of vegetable oil
  • Carbon capture-e.g. carbon sequestration, coal seam gas
  • Oil recovery-e.g. enhanced recovery from mature fields
  • Refrigeration-e.g. emerging as a low carbon solution for domestic heat pumps
  • Electronics cleaning
  • Fumigation/antimicrobial agents


With so many fields suitable for supercritical fluid extraction, Supercritical Fluid Technologies has the expertise and track record to provide a solution to suit your needs. Supercritical Fluid Technologies systems offer precision engineering to the highest standards to facilitate, flexible and fast extraction and purification using supercritical fluids.