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The Essence of Scientex Marketing: Distributor for Independent Supplier Brands and after sales service. Science: Service to Scientists for your diverse interests. Experience: Depth of technical knowledge and market understanding spanning decades.


Scientex markets medium to high value Instruments/Technologies and related services to Analytical, Life Science and associated Industry Segments. Management’s attention to detail provides professional satisfaction and underpins our commitment to delivering Customer Service Excellence. Creative marketing is continuously nurtured to build Customer awareness and to ensure that Scientex represents leadership in Scientific Equipment Sales. Commitment to National Sales & Marketing ensures that Scientex has extensive market coverage for its “Select” and Exclusive Supplier/Principal Partnerships.


  • Since 1994, Scientex has marketed a range of analytical instruments and measurement technologies.
  • Scientex forms part of an International Supplier Marketing Team. Modern communications and transit times have brought Australia much closer to the pool of expertise built up by the manufacturers and their technologies.
  • Scientex has a close association with its suppliers to ensure that Australian Scientists benefit in their particular areas of research with practical high quality options.
  • Scientists regularly seek advice from Scientex and Specialists working for our suppliers to evaluate the suitability of a particular Technology to their research and applications. We have established long standing associations with scientists throughout Australia.

Morning Tea Sessions

We provide Morning Tea sessions with our customers and  other researchers in the scientific community.We regularly attend sites such as Florey, Baker IDI, Monash, Burnet Institute,  CSIRO and many more to continue to stay informed with the latest research techniques and applications and to provide demonstrations of our cutting edge technologies for your industry.

If you wish to invite Scientex to hold a Morning Tea session within your facility, email us on info@scientex.com.au or leave your details here.

Sharing Information with You

Business needs to make available information about its products and services and at Scientex we have endeavoured to utilise the capabilities of the internet to keep you apprised of what’s new. We welcome your visits and hope that you find information you require with ease. Please feel free to make comments via e-mail or social media networks such as Twitter & Facebook.

Your Science

We have segmented the techniques and products that we represent into three broad areas of Science. We have called these segments: ‘Your Red Science’, ‘Your Blue Science’ and ‘Your Green Science’ to represent materials characterisation, bio-molecular sciences and organic/inorganic chemistry. Each segment has  a unique, easily recognisable logo as follows:

Materials Characterisation

Bio Molecular Sciences

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry


Scientex offers smooth transacting of low cost items – we accept all major credit cards for your convenience when making payments.


Some of the instruments sold and installed in 1995 and even from earlier years are still in productive use due to the dedication of the National Technical Service Team working with Scientex. Scientex has major installations in many Centres of Research. Amongst these were a number of Australian firsts with the introduction of technologies that had not been previously been used in Australia including:

  • University of Qld (UQ) in association with the Australian National University (ANU) purchased the first chiral separations Method Development and Prep Scale systems for purification to kilo scale. Key to this is the proprietary expertise that Dr Gary Yanik, President of PDR-Chiral, shares with scientists at UQ.
  • In 2005 we installed the first Very High Pressure Thermal Analyser at the UQ. Others followed at University of Newcastle, Monash University and University of NSW.
  • Other significant installations, including TG/DSC/MS, Micro DSC, Field Flow Fractionation, Particle Size and Triple Detection, were won on merit of the Brands/Technologies which Scientex represents.
  • Scientex is grateful for having been associated with outstanding Brands, such as Bohlin, Polymer Labs, Precision Detectors, Calorimetry Sciences Corp, Viscotek, Anter and others, that have now been acquired by International Instrument Manufacturers.


Scientex offers an independent business platform for New Suppliers wishing to have representation in Australia.  Our website details some key indicators about the Product Sectors to which we market. We continue to establish new associations with complementary technologies for Materials Characterisation.  Scientex is also expanding its services to Biosciences in selected areas specialising in instrumental techniques and innovative products.

Scientex contributes to your Community

Scientex generously supports local and international charities and foundations that support Health & Research, Environment and Poverty & Inequality. Bi-annual donations are gifted to some important organisations, some of these include:

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, Epworth Medical Foundation, Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Care Australia, Australian Red Cross, Australia for UNHCR, Vision Australia, Salvation Army, St Vincent De Paul Society Victoria, Melbourne City Mission, Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia – Doctors Without Borders, Heart Foundation, Indigenous Community Volunteers, WWF, The Wilderness Society and more.

Our People