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Focus XC Solid Phase Peptide Synthesizer

The Focus XC is the newest addition to AAPPTec’s line of synthesizers. The Focus XC was designed based on our Endeavor 90 Peptide Synthesizer: a synthesizer that has, since 1989, demonstrated proven quality, reliability, and flexibility in chemistry research and production worldwide. AAPPTec has taken suggestions and ideas from Endeavor 90 users and paired them with our own expertise to make major additions to the instrument – such additions have lead to what we now market as the Focus XC with SMART Software.

This system scientifically calculates and determines the lowest quantity of solvent(s) required to wash your peptide-resin properly and obtain the highest purity of your crude peptides. Whether a novice or expert chemist, the easy-to-use predictive software provides the best protocol automatically for peptide synthesis. The Focus XC has received astounding reviews since its introduction.

Easy-To-Use SMART Software
The Focus Series™ SMART Software reduces research time and costs by eliminating the need for trial and error synthetic peptide experiments. AAPPTec’s software immediately analyzes the sequence as you enter your amino acids, and completes the prediction. Even if you are a novice chemist, the easy-to-use predictive software provides the best protocol automatically for peptide synthesis. It also gives the expert chemist flexibility to write any type of protocol for their peptide synthesis. On-screen instructions direct users through every step of the synthesis process with point-and-click commands making operation simple. The flexibility and versatility of the software makes the Focus Series™ the ultimate in peptide synthesizers.

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The Peptide Synthesiser Range includes the Focus Series – Small footprint instruments for peptide synthesis. Commonly used for small scale and training applications. Find out more about the AAPPTec Synthesis range here.

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