Micro Laser Polarimeter

Micro Laser Polarimeter Chiral
HPLC Detector

Analytical, Semi Prep & Prep Scale

Chiral Chromatography Solutions for HPLC/SFC Instruments

PDR Separations offer high quality instrumentation for  high throughput, chiral chromatography separations to the pharmaceutical  and analytical science industries.

Automated Method Development Station (MDS) to screen your samples on various chiral columns across different solvents. There are currently up to 10 columns and 10 solvents.

The Advanced Laser Polarimeters feature:

  • Simple automation methods
  • Linear dynamic range >100,000
  • Leading quality polarimeter with highest sensitivity
  • Laser source has longevity of over 85,000 hours
  • Powerful flow cells for HPLC, Prep, SFC, SMB, Process Monitoring and more.

PDR Separations offer advanced software for analytical and preparative calculations of enantiomeric excess, specific rotation and fraction collection valve timing.

Excellent support is also offered from PDR Separations. Training sessions are available at your site as well as direct consulting for your problem solving and scale up support.

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