Ion Chromatography systems

Amino Acid Analysers & Ion Chromatography


Scientex has been appointed Distributor for membraPure (Germany) for its range of Ion Chromatography (IC) systems.

The Ion Chromatography system IONUS conducts fast analysis of anions and cations with and without suppressor technique. It is the ideal instrument for all isocratic methods in ion chromatography using the non-destructive Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD). The anion suppressors can be used to lower the detection level for components with very low concentration.

The IONUS is compact and modular configuration. The main unit can be attached to an Autosampler or other options to allow for more sophisticated analysis. The Autosampler can hold up to 48 vials of 1.5ml or alternatively up to 96 well plates.

The software package iControl is user friendly, self-explanatory and meets the latest GLP.

The IONUS has the standard components – double-flow high precision pump, integrated degassing unit, sample separation columns, automated suppression system and the broad range high sensitivity conductivity detector.