Next-Gen MSB

Next-Gen MSB

Magnetic Suspension Balance technology allows high resolution mass determination under extreme conditions. An industrial microbalance is located outside the cell. Thanks to contactless magnetic suspension coupling, mass changes within the pressurized cell can be determined. When performing a measurement, the sample whose mass change is being measured is attached to a permanent magnet. The actual position is detected and controlled via a high-performance PID controller. In order to establish a free levitation position for permanent magnet and measurement object, voltage is applied to a electromagnet outside of the measurement cell. This allows the sample mass to be measured contact free under extreme conditions. Load decoupling allows the object weight being measured to be substracted for taring or calibrating the measurement signal. In this case, only the permanent magnet remains in levitation position (zero-point position). When measuring point is selected, the measurement object is liftet, corresponding weight is detected by the microbalance.

• Simultaneous Measurement of two Samples – The Magnetic Suspension Balance can simultaneously measure two different sample materials or sinker (Dual sample version)

• Viewing Cell – The Magnetic Suspension Balance is also available in a viewing cell version, allowing the visual observation of fluids and materials inside the measurement cell

• Forced Flow Through Measurement Conditions – The Magnetic Suspension Balance can be equipped with a forced flow though sample crucible which improves interaction between sample and surrounding fluid atmosphere.

• Advanced Magnetic Suspension Balance Technology- The Balance is equipped with unique features, e.g. a self-optimizing Magnetic Suspension Balance controller as well as a failsafe high speed ethernet interface.