RUBOLAB – New Agency

Absorption & Adsorption Manometric Measurements

Rubolab is a new Brand that has emerged from takeover activity of one of the Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB) Technology Providers. A group of emerging instrumented techniques have been grouped under the Rubolab Brand; Scientex has been appointed Australian & NZ Distributor. These instruments use the manometric principle to determine parameters including Breakthrough Curves (Model miniBTC), Manometric Sorption (Model Multiport Analyser MPA) and Lab Scale Pressure Swing Adsorption (model VariPSA).

The Rubolab range complements our representation of Linseis and Porometer Brands. Linseis High Pressure MSB based Gravimetric Sorption Analysers. The Porometer model Porolux is able to measure Pore Size and Pore Size Distribution based on Capillary Flow Porometry.

The technical use of sorption processes has reached an increasing importance over recent decades. The applications are widely diversified, ranging from biogas processing to medical technology or gas storage. The characterization of correspondent sorbent materials often occurs by means of gravimetrically or volumetric methods. In addition, the detection of breakthrough curves (MiniBTC) within an adsorber column can be used to determine sorption capacity, heat of adsorption and corresponding kinetics.

The manometric method is a well-established technique to measure sorption isotherms. Major advantages of manometric instruments are short measurement times and a high grade of automation. The MPA allows the simultaneous measurement of up to 5 samples.

Sorption effects have industrial applications in pressure swing adsorption plants (VariPSA), e.g. for bio methane purification. Thereby adsorber vessels, filled with zeolites or carbon molecular sieves, are flowed through by gas mixtures. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the sorbent materials, leading to a pure methane flow, which can be used for power generation.

To find out more information please visit RuboLab website.