Surface Tension Technologies – Tensiometers

The universal instrument for analyzing surfactants and solid surfaces

Our universal Force Tensiometer – K100 performs high-precision, automatic and reliable measurements of surface tension and interfacial tension, critical micelle concentration CMC and contact angle on solids, fibers and powders. With high-quality components and a uniquely wide range of methods, the instrument carries out many tasks in the field of surfactant analysis and wetting measurement for your quality assurance or research. The simple changeover between different measuring methods takes place entirely without reconfiguring the instrument.

High-quality components for precise measurements
The principal measuring methods used by the K100 are based on the precise measurement of the force which occurs when wetting a measuring probe or a solid sample. We use a special force sensor with a particularly high resolution for the instrument in order to obtain reliable, accurate measurements, for example for determining surface and interfacial tension or contact angle. To ensure accurate measuring results, we use measuring probes such as rings and plates with highly accurate contours. This guarantees an exact correlation between measured force and the surface or interfacial tension.

The KRÜSS Force Tensiometer is a precision instrument with a highly sensitive force sensor. To help you obtain reliable results, we show you how to provide for a suitable location for your instrument. Watch how to detect affecting vibrations and learn how to deal with them as well as with drafts and other disturbances.