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PSS is fully dedicated to the advancement of Size Separation Chromatography. Classed among the market leaders, they provide high quality hardware, technical support, software and materials design, synthesis & manufacturing and innovative research. This provides the highest standard of expertise and reliability to support our customers.

The PSS product range includes molecular weight standards and calibration kits, high resolution columns and WinGPC Unity MCDS, software to integrate instruments and detectors to enable GPC data acquisition and processing from virtually any liquid chromatograph as seen with the SECcurity GPC system with viscosity and light scattering detection.

PSS allows smooth integration with existing equipment, whether you are using GPC/SEC alone or with other methodologies (HPLC, FTIR, NMR).

Click here to visit the PSS website or email us at info@scientex.com.au for more information or a quote.

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PSS is certified with ISO9001.


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