LVEM25E Low Voltage Electron Microscropes



Low Voltage Electron Microscopes

The LVEM 25E is the All in One compact transmission electron microscope. It is versatile in that it combines 3 imaging modes with 2 analytical modes into one self-contained instrument. This advanced design combined with an impressive resolving power makes the LVEM 25E an exceptional partner for all your nanoscale imaging.

Equipped with five imaging and analysis modes, The LVEM 25E will push research to the next level. Super-fast sample exchange and enhanced automation make the LVEM 25E a practical and easy-to-use tool for routine imaging applications. The LVEM 25E provides well-contrasted and highly detailed images from samples prepared with standard preparation protocols and provides the option to obtain the same level of detail with reduced staining.

The LVEM 25E provides the possibility to not only measure internal and external structures, but also to analyze the chemical composition of the sample, all in a single device. The advanced software assists the user by automatically setting column alignments and aperture positions.

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