LVEM25 Low Voltage Electron Microscopes



Low Voltage Electron Microscopes

The LVEM25 is the fastest and most powerful compact transmission electron microscope. It is versatile in that it combines 2 imaging modes into one very capable machine. The practical and intuitive design along with an impressive resolving power makes the LVEM25 a pleasure to work within any university or research facility working in nanoscale. To request a detailed, no obligations quote today, simply click the button below and we will be happy to provide one for you.

The LVEM25 is a fast, compact and powerful transmission electron microscope engineered to seamlessly blend a compact form factor with uncompromised capabilities. This microscope combines the unique LVEM technical features with stronger electron beam penetration and is thus able to image conventionally prepared samples.

The LVEM25 is compact enough to be installed in any sized lab and is easy enough to operate that anybody can be trained to operate it. With the highest image resolution of our LVEM microscopes, multiple imaging modes and a compact design, it’s no wonder that the LVEM25 is already a trusted instrument in the fields of pathology, virology and drug delivery.

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