LVEM5 Low Voltage Electron Microscopes

Low Voltage Electron Microscopes

The LVEM5 combines high-resolution imaging with nanoscale resolving power in the worlds one and only benchtop TEM design. With the ability to work in TEM, SEM and STEM imaging modes while remaining affordable and simple to use, the Low Voltage Electron Microscopes are the perfect tool for any university or research institute working in nanoscale. The next generation of electron microscopes, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled bench top convenience.

The LVEM5 is the uniquely designed benchtop low voltage electron microscope that is small enough to fit anywhere nanoscale imaging is needed. A remarkable imaging tool equipped with TEM, SEM and STEM modes and designed to produce detailed and meaningful image results with unmatched contrast of biologic and soft material samples. The LVEM5 is a benefit to any lab working, researching or studying nano materials.

The LVEM5 is easy to learn, operate and maintain, and has a price that is just a fraction of the cost of a conventional transmission electron microscope. It is a versatile and capable instrument well-suited for any classroom or research lab. The LVEM5 brings nanoscale to your benchtop.

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  • Smallest multi-mode benchtop microscope.
  • TEM / STEM / SEM / Electron Diffraction
  • Unparalelled convenience at the bench
  • Life Sciences including; Drug Discovery, Pathology, Virology, Cell Biology, Neurology & Biomaterials
  • Material Sciences including; Polymers, Nanostructures, Energy, Green Sciences

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