Scientex appointed distributor for Lamy Rheology instruments

Scientex has been appointed distributor for Lamy Rheology (France) for its range of Rheometers, Viscometers and Texture Analysers.  The new range has a modern design with a 7 inch colour touchscreen.

The Viscometers include models which suit QC applications such as the B-One Touch and the Portable version of this configuration for ease of use in the plant.  The Portability allows applies to the RM 100 Touch model.

High sensitivity is achieved by the innovative “LR” versions of the models.  “L” going down to 0.0674 mNm and the “R” operates from 0.7187 mNm.  Models in this range include “First Touch” and include a temperature sensor.  The RM 100 Touch meets ASTM/ISO 2555, DIN/ISO3219.  The RM 100 Touch Gel Timer is ideal for monitoring viscosity changes in products up to solid state.

For high viscosity sample, Cone and Plate applications suit the RM 100 Touch CP2000 and includes temperature control.  The “100” series includes models for “inline” applications.

The Rheometer Models include the RM 200 Touch and the high performance “All-in-One” model with torque capabilities to 40mNm.  These suit applications for sample-limited, aerated, high Temp and high shear rate samples. The LS 400 Touch is based on the Couette geometries and suits low viscosity small volume samples.

Texture analysis suits the “Tex’An Touch” enables Traction, Relaxation and TPA Cycle for Food, Cosmetics and Building Materials.  This may be configured with different load cells from 20 to 500N.