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Daicel Chiral Columns

Daicel chiral HPLC columns are the most referenced chiral HPLC columns. Used for their high quality, broad selectivity and high loading capacities, they separate > 99% of all racemic compounds.

Immobilised columns (ChiralPak IA, IB, IC, ID, IE, IF) are designed for solvent flexibility for the resolution of compounds with limited solubility, outstanding solvent tolerance and excellent separations of enantiomers.

Normal Phase HPLC (ChiralPak: AD, AS, AY, AZ; ChiralCel: OD, OJ, OX, OZ + series.) chiral stationary phases (CSPs) are most widely used for chiral separation in the world. More than 80% of enantiomers can be separated with these polysaccharide-based chiral columns. Available in Semi-micro to Preparative type.

CROWNPAK These columns are the reference columns for achieving amino acid separations, with the advantage that the elution order of the enantiomers can be reversed when necessary ( CR(-) column gives the reversed elution order compared to CR(+) column).

Reverse Phase For reverse phase use, you can analyse the optical purity of metabolic substance and sample which is produced by bio-method, under water-based mobile phase condition.

Q Series These columns are enantioselective weak anion-exchange (AX) HPLC columns. They are designed specifically for enantioselective HPLC of chiral acids and possess exceptional enantiomer separation capabilities for acidic chiral compounds containing carboxylic, phosphoric or sulfonic acid groups.

Other column types for special applications include Supercritical fluid chromatography columns, Ligand exchange & Polymethacrylate chiral stationary phases.

Application Guide
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