AMT BioSprint Cameras

AMT offers a complete line of digital imaging capabilities from 2.8 megapixel to 16 megapixel formats. All systems provide sharp images with high dynamic range and low noise. The systems have modular designs that provide superior reliability and ease-of-use.
High performance optics with specially designed finite-conjugate lenses are used in all systems. The pioneered use of high resolution RESTM phosphors, means minimised electron scattering effects and superior sensitivity.

Recently AMT have released the new BioSprint series cameras for TEM applications.

The BioSprint cameras are available in both 12 megapixel and 16 megapixel scientific CCD and provide high speed readout, anti-blooming sensor and high performance lens.

Utilising AMT’s highly corrected ActiveVu lens the system achieves high sensitivity and resolution. The BioSprint system delivers enough information that users may digitally enlarge their images without the worry of pixilation, saving both imaging and analysis time. BioSprint is available in most TEM mounting configurations with mid-mount position being the most popular.

The camera system is an excellent choice for clinical pathology and other applications requiring magnifications lower than 50kx; yet it’s capable of lattice imaging at high magnifications.