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Faster separations with CHIRALPAK® and CHIRALCEL®

CHIRALPAK® and CHIRALCEL® are well known as chiral chromatography columns registered to Daicel. Inside the chiral columns are chiral resolving agents and Chiral Stationary Phases (CSPs). Daicel commenced the development of these products in the 1980s using cellulose chemistry.

Daicel chiral columns offer excellent resolution of racemates, rapid and easy method development, plus durability and long service life. Daicel chiral columns are essential tools in the pharmaceutical industry.

Daicel HPLC Chiral Chromatographic Columns are polysaccharide derived and compatible with all ranges of organic miscible solvents. To get your free copy of Daicel’s application guide or to learn more about Daicel Chiral Columns visit the Daicel website – click here

Download the Scientex Chiral Chromatography flyer here or the complete DAICEL CATALOGUE or High Performance Immobilized Columns Catalogue.

Learn more about our large range of instruments to suit your research.

Our applications include:

  • Molecular Separations
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Medical / PET
  • Particle Characterisation & Sizing
  • Peptide & Protein Synthesis
  • Physical Flow & Force Measurement
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Surface Science

Material testing made easy

Redesigned from the ground up and drawing on over 50 years of experience in the field, Testometric’s new X-Series range of Universal Testing Machines offers key benefits in terms of speed, performance and ease of use. The new modular electronics system offers improved data rates via high-speed Ethernet connection and allows increased flexibility for the connection of accessories. The state of the art servo-motor drive system enables improved positional control across the range with class leading performance at low speed.

Available in single and twin-column versions, both bench-mounted and floor-standing and with capacities up to 1000kN.

New high speed modular electronic system with improved data acquisition rates (up to 1000Hz at the PC).

  • Improved positional control with the ability to measure crosshead displacement to a resolution of 0.00001mm.
  • Class leading low speed performance allowing slow speed tests down to 0.00001mm/min.
  • Precision linear guide rods on X500 machines for improved rigidity and precise alignment for high load testing.
  • Integral load cell cable routing in machine column on X350 and X500 models to eliminate snagging and prevent cable damage.
  • Machine electronics mounted on dampers to isolate them from shock and vibration.
  • Ethernet interface for reliable, high speed communication with the PC.

Next-Gen MSB

Magnetic Suspension Balance technology allows high resolution mass determination under extreme conditions. An industrial microbalance is located outside the cell. Thanks to contactless magnetic suspension coupling, mass changes within the pressurized cell can be determined. When performing a measurement, the sample whose mass change is being measured is attached to a permanent magnet. The actual position is detected and controlled via a high-performance PID controller. In order to establish a free levitation position for permanent magnet and measurement object, voltage is applied to a electromagnet outside of the measurement cell. This allows the sample mass to be measured contact free under extreme conditions. Load decoupling allows the object weight being measured to be substracted for taring or calibrating the measurement signal. In this case, only the permanent magnet remains in levitation position (zero-point position). When measuring point is selected, the measurement object is liftet, corresponding weight is detected by the microbalance.

• Simultaneous Measurement of two Samples – The Magnetic Suspension Balance can simultaneously measure two different sample materials or sinker (Dual sample version)

• Viewing Cell – The Magnetic Suspension Balance is also available in a viewing cell version, allowing the visual observation of fluids and materials inside the measurement cell

• Forced Flow Through Measurement Conditions – The Magnetic Suspension Balance can be equipped with a forced flow though sample crucible which improves interaction between sample and surrounding fluid atmosphere.

• Advanced Magnetic Suspension Balance Technology- The Balance is equipped with unique features, e.g. a self-optimizing Magnetic Suspension Balance controller as well as a failsafe high speed ethernet interface.



Automated Reproducible Film Casting

Porometer MEMCAST™

Introducing the new automatic film coater MEMCAST™ is ideal for the synthesis of flat sheet polymeric membranes by coating a thin film of a polymer solution followed by the immersion of the films in a coagulation bath to obtain the final membrane via wet phase inversion.
Reproducible film layers can be prepared, either self standing (e.g. coating directly onto glass, stainless steel, etc.) or on various substrates (e.g. nonwoven, polymeric supports, etc.). A wide range of single line and high throughput casting knives are available offering different coating thickness, ranging from 50 μm up to 1000 μm. The user can select the number of coating lines, comprised between 1 and 8.

• Includes a flat coating plate
• Easy mechanism to attach/detach the coating support, allowing fast immersion in a coagulation bath
• Automatic return of the pushing mechanism at the end of the coating length
• Optional stop of the pushing mechanism during application to determine the length of the coating
• Stainless steel 316 coating plate
• Digital display to set temperature and read the actual temperature, as well as to read the set coating (casting) speed
• One standard casting knife with 2 compartments (2 coating lines) and 4 standard coating thicknesses of 100 μm, 150 μm, 250 μm and 500 μm

Low Voltage TEM for Cell Biology

In cell biology, the high contrast imaging provided by a LVEM is a major advantage. Electron microscopy in general allows for the study of the activities, functions, properties and organization of cells. This provides a deep understanding of organization and function within cells.

Electron microscopy approaches complement light microscopy by providing greater detail. Electron microscopy is the only technique with sufficient resolution to localize proteins to small membrane subdomains within the cell. Researchers can better understand the location and organization of organelles, actin filaments in the cytoskeleton, and molecular complexes such as nuclear pores.

Although there are instances where staining is desirable for diagnostic purposes, the necessity to stain samples in order to generate adequate detailed contrast cannot be viewed as advantageous. The LVEM microscopes still allows for staining as an option, yet high contrast result are acquired from samples in their inherent, natural state. The LVEM25 has the added benefit of being able to work with conventionally prepared thin sectioned materials. This provides images without the side effects often encountered such as staining artifacts or the sample crashing out by chemical reaction with heavy metals.

Electron microscopy traditionally is one of the most demanding techniques to learn. However, the simplicity of the LVEM5 and LVEM25 combined with the elimination of the staining step makes it accessible to many more researchers.

The versatile LVEM5 electron microscope operates with four distinct imaging modes; TEM, SEM, STEM and ED. This provides for comprehensive imaging and finer study. The more powerful LVEM25 is built upon the same platform as the LVEM5 and offers the same benefits, together with higher beam energy.

Whether it’s in the fields of pathology or other life sciences, researchers and medical professionals are assured of top notch imaging with LVEM microscopes

For More information contact our sales department on +61 3 9899 6100 or email us your inquiry on

Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs)

from NanoMagnetics Instruments the leader in the manufacture and marketing of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) and measurement systems for various fields of science and technology.

This microscope family, (includes Atomic Force Microscopes AFM); is used to measure various surface properties of materials. They are complementary to the traditional optical and electron microscopes (EM) and have extensive applications beyond simple surface topography measurements. Properties such as carrier density, charge distribution, binding energy, electrochemical properties, surface magnetic field profile, hardness and spectroscopic measurements from simple IV to force distance and Nano mechanical properties can be studied with these microscopes. It is also possible to inspect samples under various atmospheric conditions, especially needed for biological applications.

The range of products for ambient temperature applications are ezAFM, ezSTM (Scanning Tunnelling Microscope), hpAFM, AFM+, Ambient AFM and RT-SHPM (Scanning Hall Probe). Models are also available for extremely low temperatures (<10mK) and high magnetic fields (>20T) as may be used for superconducting material studies.

To find out more call us on +61 3 9899 6100 or email at

Lamy TX700 Texture Analyser

Lamy Rheology announces a new design for the TX700 Texture Analyser. The TX700 is the first Texturometer that enables curves to be viewed during measurements without the use of external software.  TX700 Texture Analyser is Ideal for measuring the consistency, elasticity and stickiness of many food products. The TX700 is able to monitor the temperature using a Pt100 sensor during sample data acquisition.  It is available with a choice of interchangeable load cells ranging from 1 kg to 50 kg. Lamy Rheology offers a wide range of industry standard measuring probes.  Operating modes include; compression, relaxation, extension, TPA Cycle, penetrometry and relative compression.  It has a 160mm integrated adjustable turntable, 7” touch screen and microprocessor store for methods and data.

TX700 Texture Analyser is robust, versatile with and competitively priced and is essential in quality control and/or R&D in all aspects of food processing, cosmetics, surface coatings and teaching.

Applied Photophysics – Chirascan changes

Scientex partner Applied Photophysics, as part of their continuous improvement initiative to better serve the scientific community have introduced some recent changes to their Circular Dichorism spectrometers.

New Chirascan Q100 Product information

(previously known as Chirascan plus Automated ACD)

Chirascan Q100 provides detailed insight into the Higher Order Structure (HOS) characteristics of complex biomolecules.  Reproducible robotics and high performance CD spectrometry combine to generate quality data compatible with the most stringent statistical analysis methods. The result: objective, statistically-validated HOS comparisons.

New Chirascan V100 Product information

(previously known as Chirascan plus)

Suitable for studying chiral molecules of all types and sizes, the sensitivity and accuracy of a Chirascan V100 CD spectrometer ensure that researchers get the most from every CD analysis, generating high quality data that contribute to a deeper understanding of biomolecular characteristics, mechanisms and interactions.

New Chirascan Product Information

(previously known as Chirascan CD)

Suitable for studying chiral molecules of all types and sizes, this Chirascan CD spectrometer has featured in thousands of publications since its introduction in 2005. Often used to analyze biomolecules, Chirascan data contributes to a deeper understanding of biomolecular characteristics, mechanisms and interactions.

See more information here.

New Sercon HS2022 IRMS

The model HS2022 becomes one of the most sensitive small radius IRMS, and incorporates many high level design features.

  • All stainless steel and metal gasket construction flight tube for ultra-high vacuum purity to ensure minimal backgrounds and zero water contamination.
  • True differential pumping for superior ion transfer through the flight tube from the high sensitivity source to the large dynamic range collectors.
  • 120° extended geometry with an 11cm radius magnetic sector giving an effective 21cm radius dispersion and double direction focusing. Additional high dispersion long spur with 98.8° sector which creates a distance of 24cm between the focal points for m/z 2 and 3. This leads to an abundance sensitivity at m/z 3 of <1 ppm which eliminates helium ‘tailing’ in to the D/H collector.
  • Truly universal Faraday triple collectors for simultaneous collection of adjacent masses in the range 28,29,30 – 64,65,66 with no adjustment of collectors or amplifiers. Additional single Faraday collector and high gain amplifier for m/z 3 on the hydrogen spur.
  • The desired combination of the 4 collectors is selected through the software. Software switchable variable gain amplifiers and 50V amplifier outputs are available as options.
  • Asymmetric extended geometry to give true stigmatic focusing with twice the dispersion of normal geometry with the same radius sector.
  • Shorter path length than traditional extended geometry to decrease ion/molecule interactions and so ensure 100% transmission through the analyser and a sensitivity which is in continuous flow mode <850 molecules/ion for CO2.
  • True differential pumping by turbo-molecular pumps with a high compression ratio for both He and H2, to remove the detrimental effect of abundance sensitivity during continuous flow applications and eliminate memory.
  • With a mass range covering 2 to 96 AMU it is suitable for the analysis of light stable isotopes in all the commonly measured gases; H2, N2, NO, N2O, O2, CO, CO2, SO and SO2.
  • Triple port reference gas injection system. Suitable for calibrating each sample, using a reference gas instead of an internal standard and for easy tuning of the mass spectrometer. Size, type and positioning of reference gas pulses are under software control.
  • Data acquisition system uses state of the art highly stable and linear high frequency converters which produce integral slices with zero dead time and quantisation below the beam statistical noise floor at all signal level.

To Request more information on this product please contact our sales department on +61 3 9899 6100.

Sercon Consumables

Sercon supply consumables of the highest quality for all isotope ratio monitoring mass spectrometers and elemental analysers. And now they have created a separate website for just consumables for your application requirements.

Visit for the below list of consumables and many more types:

  • Samples Encapsulation
  • Reagents
  • Standards
  • Tubes/Glassware
  • O-rings
  • Crucibles & Boats
  • Columns
  • Spares

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Scientex appointed distributor for Solida Biotechnology – Bioreactors

Scientex has been appointed Distributor for Solida Biotechnology (Germany).  The range includes bench and pilot scale systems.  The management and engineering team has depth of experience in fermentation, cell culture and renewable applications to form the basis of continuous products development. All of Solida Biotech’s bioprocess equipment meets the latest GLP, cGMP, GAMP, FDA and SFDA standards for worldwide distribution.

Solida Biotech is pleased to announce its state of the art, next generation range of benchtop bioreactors and fermenters in the Bio Bench Pro Advanced series as well as the user-friendly Bio Bench Compact version.  All Bio Bench bioreactors and fermenters integrate modern, open-source industrial technologies with a unique concept of intelligent modularity, expandability, and robustness. All Bio Bench bioreactors and fermenters feature industrial design with stainless a steel front, back, and utility panel. All modules are connected to the master controller through industry standard Ethernet communications protocols, while the modular design enables users to configure the systems according to own lab space needs within the most compact footprint.

Solida Biotech offers a complete range of pre-assembled pilot SIP (in situ sterilisable) bioreactors and/or custom made solutions based on detailed customer requirements. BioSip automation & software are based on leading supplier PLC’s that runs under an advanced intuitive operating system. Software comprises a PLC with local visualization platform, human interface (HMI) touch screen and custom made configuration.  BioSip Controller architecture can hold and simultaneously manage up to 2 or more Lab and Pilot bioreactors. Automation design and functionality allow the interchange of vessel’s size without modifying PLC or Software configuration.

For more information contact your Scientex Sales specialist on 03 9899 6100 and check out the brochure here.

Solida Biotechnology website:

Scientex appointed distributor for Precisa Laboratory Balances


Scientex strives to bring the best technologies for its customers in the science fields, this time we bring you something for the everyday laboratory needs in mind. The Laboratory scientists are aware of the significance of the results they provide, and we believe you should not be willing to accept any compromise in this noble field. And that is precisely why leading specialists around the world place their trust in Precisa – Laboratory Balances company (Swiss Technology).

Precisa products are prime examples of Swiss perfection and reliability.

The balances and scales are tried and tested in both demanding laboratory environments and industrial applications, and are subject to rigorous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process. Precisa invests continuously in developing new technologies and employs a highly qualified team. The result is a state-of-the-art range of precision instruments for the most exacting demands.

Products for your laboratory include:

  • Semi-micro Balances
  • Analytical Balances
  • Precision Balances
  • Standard Balances
  • Moisture Analysers
  • Automatic Moisture & Ash Analysers
  • Special Products

For more information, contact your Scientex sales specialist on 03 9899 6100.

Find out more about Precisa laboratory balances here.



Kruss ADVANCE software – Surface Tension Characterisation

Kruss, the surface tension characterisation specialists provide a highly detailed insight and operation of their new and intuitive ADVANCE software.

The four videos mark the start of a series of ADVANCE software key features.

In this part of the news the first four videos can be viewed below.

In the next part of the ADVANCE key features videos lookout for things like drop shape, tensiometers and foam analysis.

circular dichroism chirascan plus, CD, chrystalography

Chirascan Circular Dichroism Spectrometers

Chirascan sets new standards for steady-state circular dichroism spectroscopy.  It incorporates innovative optical design features to maximise light throughput, particularly in the far-UV wavelength region, and a sophisticated digital data acquisition system that facilitates the rapid collection of more accurate and precise CD spectra.  Chirascan’s digital CD spectra acquisition approach ensures that unmodified CD spectra are collected and any post-acquisition smoothing of the CD spectra will be non-distorting and completely reversible. This approach also simplifies the operation – Chirascan is as straightforward to use as a single-beam spectrophotometer.

Other key features include:

  • Able to collect thermal denaturation CD spectra in a single experiment; enabling identification of the secondary structural changes associated with each phase transition
  • 5 detection channels: CD, Absorbance/Transmission, HT, Temperature and Voltage. Simultaneous multi-channel data acquisition ensures that all key information is recorded with every measurement you make
  •  Very low nitrogen usage. Rapid and efficient nitrogen purging combined with a sealed monochromator housing ensures that just 5 l/min is required for far-UV work
  • Moveable detector. The detector position is easily adjustable and can be set close to the cell to optimised performance with highly scattering samples e.g. membrane proteins

A large range of accessories are available, ensuring the researcher can be confident of a highly effective and future-proof spectrometer that can be adapted as research interests evolve.  These are best explored with the comprehensive brochure available on request.

Chirascan™-plus ACD is the world’s first and only truly automated CD spectrometer. Unattended operation increases the productivity of CD measurements markedly, with up to 200 samples per day now routinely achievable.  The improved productivity transforms the number and type of experiment that can be undertaken and addresses key needs in formulation and bio-comparability applications.

‘qCD’ (quantitative CD) reflects a number novel capabilities that improve performance and enable absolute CD measurements (a first in CD spectrometry).

Linseis Thermal Analysis

Linseis – Thermal Analysis

High Pressure STA and MSB

The ability to measure Heat Flow and Mass loss/gain at high temperatures and pressure is a specialist technique which is gaining interest to have samples tested to have dual sets of data at exactly the same conditions.  Linseis offer the High Pressure STA to meet the needs of research in conditions outside of ambient pressure.  There various configurations possible to cover temperatures from ambient to 1000oC, -170 to 1800oC.  Naturally the selection shall require some discussion and our specialist knowledge built up over years shall be important in our guiding your research interests.  Scientex and Linseis shall be pleased to discuss any project which would benefit from STA where pressure is a key factor in analysis.

Sorption studies at high pressures and elevated temperatures are often associated with corrosive atmospheres.  The principle of the Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB) has come out of Patent and Linseis has been very active in this technology sector for a number of years.  Linseis offers a great alternative to its competitor.

With the MSB, gravimetric measurements in a wide temperature and pressure range and under aggressive media can be done. An MSB consists of a micro balance for recording the measurement values, a suspension coupling which carries the weight of the sample, a sensor for the position measurement of the levitation part and a control unit to control the suspension coupling.

The contact-less transmission of the sample weight is realized with a levitation magnet and a holding magnet. The levitation magnet consists of a permanent magnet and the holding magnet consists of an electromagnet hanging on the balance. The position sensor delivers the actual position of the levitation magnet and the PID controller makes a stable levitation position with the electromagnetic force as the actuating variable. Through the magnetic coupling a micro balance can be set up at environmental condition. Therefore the balance is protected from high temperatures, pressure and aggressive media.

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